Manufacturer of Super Quality Hoses as per SAE, DIN, BS & IS Standards for Diverse Applications.
Super Spray Hose

(Exceeds to Agricultural Spray Hose of Rubber IS-1677, Type-3A)


Lining :- Natural & Synthetic rubber blend.
Reinforcement :- Synthetic yarn with high tensile strength.
Cover :- Natural rubber with good ageing & abrasion resistance
Temp.Range :- -40°C to + 80°C

Technical Specifications

Nominal Bore Mean O.D. Working Pressure Minimum Burst Pressure
inch. mm. inch. mm. psi. Kg /cm². psi. Kg /cm².
3/8″ 10.0 0.8 20.0 710.0 50.0 2130 150
1/2″ 12.5 0.9 21.5 710.0 50.0 2130 150


Suitable for high pressure spraying of water based pesticide and other liquid formulations in agriculture, foresty etc.
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