Manufacturer of Super Quality Hoses as per SAE, DIN, BS & IS Standards for Diverse Applications.

  • Hoses undergo/gradual degradation due to heat, light, humidity & contaminants during prolonged storage.
  • Adequate precautions are therefore imperative.
  • Store in a clean & cool place on flat surface free of solvents.
  • Do not hang on hooks to avoid sharp bend.
  • Avoid direct & continuous exposure to strong light/sun rays.


  • Do not paint the hose.
  • Fitting shank should not have sharp edges which may damage the inner tube.
  • Only Thick soap/rubber solution should be used in applying couplings.
  • Avoid excessive torque while tightening the end connections.
  • Do not use hose in twisted condition/right angles.
  • Check fittings before use to ensure no puncturing of inner tube takes place.
  • In a chemical environment hose ends should be sealed to prevent the chemicals coming in contact with reinforcement.


  • Kinked, crushed, flattened, or twisted hose.
  • Hard, stiff, heat cracked, or charred hose.
  • Leaks at connections or in hose.
  • Damaged, cut or abraided cover.
  • Blistered, soft, degraded, or loose cover.
  • Cracked, damaged, or badly corroded fittings.
  • Fitting slippage on hose.
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